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With the rise of e-commerce in recent years, many experts are questioning the future of the commercial market. While the centralization of the commercial offer within major centres has had a noticeable effect on many of the province's commercial streets, it is now more important than ever for all experts, professionals and real estate investors to follow the evolution of this very particular market.

Bringing to light variables that are otherwise difficult to interpret improves the fluidity of the decision-making process in terms of investment and real estate evaluation. For several months now, several changes in the habits and behaviors of all economic actors have been observed. Thus, the understanding of variables such as occupancy and vacancy are now more important than ever to better understand the real estate market.

It is with great pride that GRH commissioned this study on vacancy and commercial vacancy. This comprehensive study of more than 55 commercial streets across the province provides readers with a better understanding of urban dynamics and real estate markets. Its content is essential to understanding the current and future issues that you and we, as a real estate valuation firm, will face.

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